Paths and Traditions Fair

A Fair for Those who are New or Seeking

12 January 2013

9 am - 4 pm

Living Earth Center
2120 South Holly Street, Unit 9
Denver, Colorado 80222

Pagan religions include many different groups and traditions. It is a rich and diverse community, but it can also be difficult to find your way to the path which is right for you.

If you are seeking to find your spiritual way, or to join others following your same path, or even just to better understand your fellow Pagans, come to the Paths and Traditions Fair.

You will have the opportunity to speak directly with representatives of multiple different Pagan and Polytheistic traditions, to help find the one that is right for you or to reach out to those who may be interested in joining your group.

How to participate:

Individuals who are looking to connect with representatives of area groups are welcome to drop by during the day; hot drinks, soda and snacks are available all day.

If you are interested in representing your group or tradition, visit our RSVP page.

If you have questions or need more info, please contact Chris and Kelley at

Groups and Traditions in Attendance

Cró Dreoilín - Colorado Celtic Reconstructionist Pagans

We are a group of men and women in Colorado dedicated to rediscovering and connecting with the ways of the Pagan Celts. Guided by modern scholarship and inspiration, we hope to create a community that honors our Gods, Ancestors and the Daoine Sidhe; strengthens our ability to be true to our values and recognizes the poetry and spirit in the world around us.

Feel free to contact us at

Living Earth

Living Earth is an open circle of individuals and families in the South Denver area of Colorado. We share spiritual philosophies and practices of NeoPagan Earth Religion, celebrate the seasons, and grow together in a supportive, egalitarian, casual environment. We are family-friendly and welcoming congregation of community-minded spiritual seekers.

For more info, see us at

Mountain Ancestors ProtoGrove, ADF

A modern expression of neopagan druidry

For more information about Mountain Ancestors ProtoGrove contact William Ashton, II at

Greyheart of Oakwood Crescent

I teach a Gardnerian-based form of Witchcraft, modified to suit my own style. I won't take just anyone as a student, but I see this as a way to allow perspective students to find me.

If you want to find out what I teach, and how, my website is the best way to look before you leap.

Sylvir Strands

The Elemental Path. Centering, grounding and using the Elements.

For more information, visit

House of the Sacred Scarab, a Modern Kemetic Group

Modern Kemeticism brings the traditions and rituals of Ancient Egypt into the 21st century. A bend of ancient and modern, it's a way to worship (and love) the Gods and Goddess that is both honoring to them and fulfilling to us, as modern people.

For more info about House of the Sacred Scarab, e-mail or visit Like them at

Order of the Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn is a ceremonial magical group/path. We are open to new members, and while there is not a set belief system within the corpus, there is a strong Egyptian and Kabbalistic current.

For more inform,ation about this independent branch of the Order of the Golden Dawn, visit, see their Meet Up at or e-mail


Elvenhome coven has worshipped, shared, laughed, and learned together for 31 years. We are eclectic Wiccan. Our practice is seasonally oriented, focusing on attunement with Nature and Spirit, and personal transformation.

To learn more about Elvenhome, contact Arynne at

God Space Sanctuary

Nurturing the relationship between humanity and the Divine without dogma or discrimination by providing sacred space and any additional counseling or services that are helpful.

For more info, contact Sister Who (Denver NeVaar) at

Silver Branch, Golden Horn, an ADF druid grove

Silver Branch, Golden Horn practices Neo-Druidry as defined by ADF, an international Druid organization.

For more info, contact Pamela, Senior Druid, on Facebook, or visit and

This is a joint project of Cró Dreoilín, Denver Pagan Pride, and Living Earth.