Cró Dreoilín

We are a group of men and women in Colorado dedicated to rediscovering and connecting with the ways of the Pagan Celts. Guided by modern scholarship and inspiration, we hope to create a community that honors our Gods, Ancestors and the Daoine Sidhe; strengthens our ability to be true to our values and recognizes the poetry and spirit in the world around us.

Contact: Chris & Kelley

Coven of the Hidden Path

Coven of the Hidden Path is a small American Eclectic Witchcraft coven established Beltane 2004. We are a collaborative of experienced priestesses working with a focus on personal and spiritual growth through collective wisdom. Our group work is influenced by our personal study and practices as well as our shared foundations. We meet monthly in Longmont/north metro area for Esbats and occasionally for community events, Sabbats, and other coven events.

Contact: Kat/Autumn

Witchcraft Academy

Witchcraft Academy is an online school devoted to teaching students about the various Pagan Paths. We have free online content, as well as classes and courses, to help those who are curious or interested in the various Pagan Paths.

We are also working diligently on ways to allow Witches and other Pagans to find each other both online, and in the real world. We understand there is only so much you can do online. The real world is where the magick happens.

Contact: Greyhart

the Booga-Booga Cabal of Discordians

Discordians believe everyone is the Pope of their own Religion, yes even YOU. Some call us a parody religion, but we are more than that. We are the ultimate in Dis-organized religions. And we take our silliness very seriously.

Contact: Pope Fuzzlewhump, the first of his name, Keeper of the Sacred Chao and Episkipos of the Booga Booga Cabal of Discordians.

Hesperides Garden

We are an open community coven dedicated to helping all Pagans find the support and guidance they need. Our goal is to support the individual as a whole person and help them live their spirituality.

Contact: Tara Waddle


John Conley, an elemental wizard and author of Quantum Magic, has studied the occult for over 50 years. Although founded in elemental magic, he has studied several magical systems.

Contact: John Conley

Chokecherry Grove, ADF

Neo-Pagan, polytheistic Druid group; we are a local congregation of ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin).

Contact: GR Grove

Psychic Healers of Avalon

his is my business in Broomfield, but it is also my spiritual path. The Avalon path concerns the different time periods all revolving around the energies of the Avalon realm.

Contact: Andarta

Flame and Well Druid Grove

We strive to deepen our members' experience of Druidry through eight ritual ceremonies around the year, and contemplative practices of chanting and meditation. Six of our celebrations are open to visitors, while Samhuinn and Bealteine may be attended by members only. We also hold moots (meetups, usually at a pub) between each ceremony, and visitors are welcome to meet us at these also.

Contact: Grove Leaders

Temple of Witchcraft

Co-founded by Christopher Penczak, Steve Kenson and Adam Sartwell, the Temple of Witchcraft started in 1998 as a system of magickal training and personal development and eventually developed into a formal tradition of Witchcraft. Now, as an outgrowth of the work of students, initiates and graduates of the programs the Temple of Witchcraft has evolved into an organization based on traditions of Modern Magick, Witchcraft and neo-paganism.

Contact: Emily Jones

Denver Celtic Womens Circle

The Denver Celtic Women's Circle, established in 2006, is a private circle that offers Open & Inclusive public Celtic Full Moon Ceremonies, New Moon Walking Meditation, Workshops on the Irish Polytheist path and Irish language, and Colorado Native Plant Walks with Irish Lore.

We are an anti-racist, Pagan group. The Celtic path is open to people of all ethnic backgrounds. Authenticity in practice is going out into the natural environment where we live, experiencing the seasons, the trees, the paths into the mountains, as they actually exist in this sacred place.

We use the Tree Ogham as a framework for connecting with the Celtic Path and the local Colorado regional landscape to connect with the spirits of the natural world.

We are accepting applications for a private grove program for 2019.

Contact: Kellene Rees

Contact: Paulie Rainbow

Everyday Shamanism

Everyday Shamanism provides shamanic healing, education, and ceremony in the Peruvian tradition. Shamanism is a spiritual practice and has been part of the human experience for millennia. The past few decades have brought a resurgence of shamanism in the west as modern people rediscover their birthright as spiritual beings. Shamanism is not merely a process of healing, it's a way of living, bringing the shamanic individual new levels of awareness, empowerment, and confidence. Shamanism is not a faith or a religion, it's a wisdom tradition for everyday life.

Contact: JP McLaughlin

Contact: Sandra Schrawder

Contact: Deborah A Kasper-Twiss
Phone: 720-316-0166
Facebook: Everyday Shamanism
Meetup: Everyday Shamanism

Sacred Order of Black Forest

The Black Forest Family offers one of the most comprehensive clergy training programs within the Pagan community. Ours is a teaching tradition. The Black Forest Family is not eclectic Wicca, it is a specific study of one form of Euro-Wiccan ritual, religous, and magickal practice. There are 13 lessons which will prepare you as a person to become ordained Wiccan clergy. Each person is different, however, 3-5 years is the norm for completing the course of study earning Three Degrees. For further information, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will answer your questions and welcome you with gladness in our hearts if the Lord and Lady have called you to Black Forest as your home.

Contact: Lady Nightshade

Contact: Lady Rowena

Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir

Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir has become a respected entity within Denver's Pagan community, receiving acclaim for its performances at the Denver Witches' Ball, Front Range Pagan Pride Day, and Beltania. 12th Night with Orpheus has become an overnight tradition within the community and beyond. Our concerts and appearances enable us to sing for over 2000 people a year.

The singers in Orpheus follow Earth-based spiritual traditions or are Pagan-friendly. For many, Orpheus has provided a return to choral singing after having sung in high school, collegiate, and church choirs.

Orpheus seeks to build community by sharing with our audiences the power and beauty of choral music from many historical and cultural traditions. We explore the Pagan presence in traditional choral music, the emerging Pagan choral repertoire & more.

Contact: Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir

Hellenion Proto-Demos of Hera Akreia

Local chapter of Hellenion -- Hellenic Polytheist organization which is national

Contact: Ann M Hatzakis

Circle of Light and Shadow

Inspire - Transform - Unite - Manifest!
We are an eclectic Wiccan coven focused on creating and manifesting positive, personal and global transformation, through study, practice, magic, ritual and a strong connection with divinity, in many pantheons. We adhere to the Wiccan Rede and the Witches Pyramid.
Our Focus:
Personal and spiritual advancement
Magic and ritual
Earth Stewardship
Qabalistic Wicca and the study of the Tree of Life
Community Service
Circle of Light and Shadow offers open Sabbats at the covenstead in Brighton Coloardo. Please ask to be on our Sabbat list if interested.
COLS also offers 1st-3rd degree training, 2nd and 3rd degree training within the coven structure, our 1st degree is not based in Qabalah, it is strictly Wiccan.
In Light and shadow, Blessed Be.

Contact: Wellyssa Spellsong